Thank You!

slc_photographer-33I want to thank you personally for helping us grow! We have our first “Like” on our Facebook page. Our Instagram Page will reach over 6,000 like this week. We have almost 2,000 Tumblr followers and we are just starting on Pinterest. The great thing is VEGA has only been around for about 4 months. We are pretty happy that we’ve garnered so much support so fast. I want to repeat our goal so everyone is aware that we are not just a Nudie Magazine. We are doing something we feel is important and helpful to others.

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Our mission is to show women as the truly are. We don’t believe in unrealistic photoshopping and we don’t believe in unrealistic expectations of women’s bodies. It not only hurts women, who torture themselves to be something they are not, but it also hurts men who expect the women they love to be someone unrealistic.

slc_photographer-32We feel that women should be able to feel beautiful and admired while nude and still feel safe and confident and believe reality is healthy!

If you have ever looked at a magazine you were probably seeing a women who was “photoshopped to Hell” and she would probably be unrecognizable to you in real life. We just don’t think this is good for society.

On the other hand we also support taking care of your body and showing respect and appreciation for it. We believe in healthy eating and fitness and we believe when you take are of yourself you are rewarded.

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3B2A9021This means we have standards for our magazine. Not anyone can be in our magazine.

I was talking to a close friend a few weeks ago and discussing our mission statement and she was skeptical if others would support an idea like ours. The truth is so was I but now I am seeing the results and as my father once told me, “Everything in life is about results.”

And thus I am grateful today for have a thought and believing that people deserve better and mostly for the thought that others agree. Thank you. We are nothing without you!

-Ikon Republik

Chief Editor and Founder of VEGA Magazine.

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